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The transition to adulthood is an extremely challenging period of life in which young people are maturing physically, personally, mentally and socially. It’s a critical time in which mental health issues can develop.  We need greater knowledge about the reasons why mental health issues arise at this time, and we need to develop more effective services and interventions for young people and families.

Over the past decade, a new paradigm has emerged in the mental health field, which recognises the importance of intervening early to maximise recovery. The youth mental health paradigm aims to change the way society thinks about the mental health of young people, and to transform and strengthen the mental health system.

The International Association for Youth Mental Health is a membership organisation for professionals, researchers, organisations, policy makers, young people and parents. The Association’s mission is to:

Change the way the global community thinks about young people and their mental health by ensuring that services are developmentally and age appropriate, and that young people have an active voice in determining what is best for them.


We encourage you to become a member of the Association and help us achieve our mission.


Professor Pat McGorry


International Association of Youth Mental Health

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