IAYMH History

The IAYMH was established in 2012 to collaborate and advocate for the mental health needs of young people across the world.

In recent years, many countries have acknowledged the importance of targeted services for youth in the critical age group of 12–25 years.

Recent evidence supports the efficacy of early intervention for young people. With the right services and support early on, future health problems can be minimised.

Our focus on young people aged 12–25 challenges the prevailing mental health system, which currently splits the population into children (0–18) and adults (18–65). This model falls short in addressing the emerging health needs of adolescents and young adults.

Founded by leading experts and industry professionals in youth mental health, the IAYMH seeks to galvanise global interest in this emerging field of work by promoting best practice in youth mental health, while advocating for systems change that meets the needs of this critical age group.

Most importantly, the IAYMH aims to include and be responsive to young people from across the globe, drawing on their experiences and views to help them improve their own mental health and generate system change.